Saturday, August 30, 2008


My good friend, Annie, recently sent me an email with a link to this video. Please read my thoughts first, watch the video and then leave me some of your thoughts.

When I first heard that Mike Guglielmucci was lying about having terminal cancer, I, along with mostly everyone I'm sure, felt sick to my stomach. How could he fake something so gross as cancer?! Honestly, I was hurt because I felt a little portion of my faith stolen from me. Mike was proclaiming the truth as God as our Ultimate Healer and yet was betraying his parents, his wife, his friends and his church. Christians and non-yet Christians all over the world were rooting for him, sending money to him and backing him with their precious prayers and thoughts. What was he thinking?! Why? How?

On a selfish note, as a worship leader I was pondering never singing his song in a service [or at least putting it on a shelf for a VERY long time] out of fear of what the congregation would be thinking. In my mind, they would automatically disengage themselves during the worship because this song was born out of a lie!

However, since the news broke of his fraud I've had time to think about the situation and I've got my own thoughts on the situation. Number 1, Mike Guglielmucci is sick. No doubt. Not with cancer, but with a psychological illness that has plagued him for many years. Pray for him! Number 2, the song is loaded with truth and is such an inspiring, powerful song! So can we still sing this song? YES! You see, the Lord's power is made perfect in our weakness and He uses the weak and lowly to show His glory more fully. The Lord in His grace and mercy used Mike, despite all of the crud that is in his life, to bring us a song that captivates our hearts and proclaims the truth that God IS our Healer. This situation is just a testimony of how good our God is. He takes what the enemy is doing for evil and turns it around for our good.

Mike's story did not surprise God. He knew what was going on and still used Him. Does the word grace ring a bell? God is so much bigger than our troubles. Has anyone ever felt like God could or would not use you because of all the junk in your life? Well take this weird example and believe that He can and will use you despite the troubles and struggles in your life. Or maybe you yourself have a testimony of how God used you for His glory when all around you seemed to be falling on you.

ALL of us fall short. ALL of us have some form of Mike Guglielmucci in our own lives. You probably will never do something like he did, but I know for sure that there are skeletons hanging out in your closet [or at least used to be]. But do you believe He can still use you? He is so much bigger than us. His thoughts and ways are so much higher than our own. Do NOT sell yourselves short when it comes to the Lords grace, mercy and sovereignty! Press in and strive to keep your eyes fixed on Him and seek Him first in everything. Blessed are the weak [or poor] in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven!


Grace and peace.

Friday, August 22, 2008

In Memory of Leroi Moore

I'm very sad to report that the saxophonist of the Dave Matthews Band died from sudden complications stemming from an ATV accident he incurred a few months ago. He was an amazing musician and was a crucial part of the success of the band. Please remember his family and the band in your prayers. He was 46 years old.

If you want, you can read the whole article here.

Grace and peace

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

For those of you who don't know...

...the word on the street is true. I've talked with a few of you and I'm sure most of you have heard that Louie Giglio is starting a church here in Atlanta. It will be called Passion Church and as of right now, they do not know where it will be located or when it will be starting. Also, there has been a lot of discussion about who the worship leaders, or lead worshipers will be. This has not been confirmed, but Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman and the Knockels are moving or have already moved to Atlanta [I even read on another blog that Chris Tomlin's house is for sale in Austin - I don't know how people find this information but I'm willing to pass on the little juicy nugget of knowledge!].

If you care to hear Louie talk about Passion Church, then you can go to this blog to watch an interview with him.

I'll be honest, at first I had a little mixed emotions about him starting what will be a MEGA-church here in Atlanta. I initially thought, "Man, how many people will leave their respective churches to go to his church?" That was soon followed by, "I think I'll go there when I can." Hypocritical? Yeah I think so...oh well, shoot me. But after doing some blog searching [blearching] and hearing Louie speak, I trust the Lord's leading of Louie. It's not to steal people away from churches but to reach the thousands upon thousands of people in Atlanta that are unchurched and to ignite a flame of revival that will undoubtedly transform a city! Our church has had the vision of community transformation for many years now and I think Passion Church coming to Atlanta confirms what the Lord has laid upon our own pastors' hearts. We will be partnering with Passion Church to see our community [Atlanta, not just Cobb County] transformed.

I have also heard a rumor [and it may just be a rumor] that Passion Church will be starting a worship school as well, a la Hillsong. I haven't read anything about this, but I can only hope, right?

So I have a little bit of the nervous excitement with a splash of jealousy [just being honest]. I have a wonderful church home with an amazing team of leaders and an even more amazing congregation, but on days I'm not helping lead worship I might be tempted to travel to wherever Passion Church is located.

I want to hear your thoughts and reactions to Louie starting a church in Atlanta with some of the most prominent lead worshipers. I'm truly interested!

Grace and peace.