Monday, October 15, 2007

My job

This is a late night, tired and frustrated post. I'm laying here, about to fall asleep (cuz I'm friggin tired), but I need a little release. I will say that this weekend has been one of the busiest weekends at work I've had in a long time. I've already expressed this to a few people, but I need to blog it out. Ok, if you don't know, I work most weekends down in Sandy Springs at a specialty and emergency clinic. My job is entitled, "Staff Emergency Doctor." I see emergency cases that walk in or are referred over by other private practice veterinarians, and I have the job of training interns (ie. fresh graduates). Teaching others, whether it be owners or interns, is something I truly enjoy doing. But, it can be quite frustrating too. Annie I'm sure you and the other teachers understand. As their supervisor, I get a little bothered when proper care (or sometimes just plain common sense) isn't taken. But I have to hold back the "you blew this one" comments, and try to gently correct them and hope they don't make the same mistake twice. Completely belittling them, though tempting, is not the way to build up a new doctor. Although sometimes I wish I could be more like the sarcastic doctor on Scrubs and make fun of them every chance I get. But I can't.

But the thing I have to remember is that I was once in their shoes, and not too long ago in fact. Eyes wide open, pupils dilated, heart racing and the feeling of, "oh crap," rushes through your head, as multiple emergencies come walking through the door. Some are very critical, some are the easy emergencies. But still, it is overwhelming. At this particular clinic, when there is an emergency, the receptionist calls on the overhead speakers, "Emergency, your next patient has checked in." I used to cringe everytime I heard their voice! I would say to myself, "Nooooooo!"

Anyway, back to the point of it all, was I that inept in what I was trained to do?! To put it bluntly and honestly, was I that stupid?! Answer...probably. Actually, probably more so. You learn as you go. And the exciting thing is that I/we will continue to learn new things. Mistakes will be made, no doubt. Don't dwell on it. Learn from it and be dang sure it does not happen again. Encouragement is the key. Tell them things they are doing right and then bring up the things they really didn't handle the right way. I have one patient right now that I'm hoping survives. Proper care was not taken and this dog's life is hanging in the balance. Granted, it has an awful underlying condition, but I have to wonder if his situation would be a little bit better if a different approach would have been chosen. But I held back the idiot comments and tried to correct them in a non-attacking way.

Words have the power of life and death. This is so true in every avenue of life. Train them and BUILD THEM UP. Kids these days don't need more ridicule and comments of inadequacy. They need encouragement. WE ALL NEED ENCOURAGEMENT. Wherever you are in life, sharpen one another. Speak life and purpose.

I know this is kind of a random post, but I felt it needed to be said. I just hope my mind, which is working on about 3-4 hours of sleep, made it comprehensible.

Grace and peace.


ManUtd17 said...

Way to handle the situation. I likely would've gone all Dr. Cox on them and called all the guys by women's names, etc., etc. -- especially on little sleep.

brad said...

Are you on the juice? After our talk yesterday at church about drivers with cell phones who drive under the speed limit, you sound like you are on the edge. Of course, I am kidding.

Keep this lesson close to heart. When you have your own children someday, this becomes HUGE.

Boggsy said...

Brad, I have NEVER used steroids! Wait, I did purchase this clear balm through the mail that said it had flaxseed oil in it? Ok I'm guilty (sniffle, sniffle)...I hereby return all of my diplomas. I'm stupid.

Bill, I totally wanted to jump down some throats, but I just couldn't.

Annie said...

All I'm saying is that there is a constant little voice in my head that says, "Sit down and just shut up for 2 minutes so I can think!"- but I only let her say this much- Sit I can think!".

As much as you are right, and you are SO RIGHT, I've also learned the grace in blowing it one day and recovering the next. So if you pull a Dr. Cox one day- just bring a Dr. Pepper the next.

(Or candy, candy works wonders)

I could write about 10 more paragraphs on this topic- it's near and dear to me. I'll spare you. :)

ManUtd17 said...

My sixth grade teacher was known for the following phrase: "Sit down and shut up!" She said it so much that it lost its affect on us by Christmas, which only caused her to say it more. And by "us" I mean the rest of the class. I, of course, was the best mannered 6th grader you ever did see. More or less. Ha.

In third grade, my teacher pulled hair. Only one kid -- Donny Wetzel -- made it through the whole year without getting his hair pulled. There was a celebration at the end of the year. That was 1977-78 by the way. And it was a Catholic school. But the hair-pulling teacher was not a nun. I made it through the year with 2 hair pulls. I don't recall both of them. One was for racing to get a chair. I was yanked back mid-race.

Justin said...

I want to hear the 10 paragraphs!