Sunday, June 8, 2008

Joining the Angels...

This morning's worship at Riverstone was incredible. We finished the main set with a song written by Jennie Lee Riddle and performed by Kari Jobe called "Revelation Song." It is such a powerful song. I think the reason why it was so moving is that it is Heaven's song.

The chorus goes:

Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty
Who was and is and is to come
With all creation I sing
Praise to the King of Kings
You are my everything
And I will adore You

These are the words that are being sung by the angels and elders for eternity. They are gripped by the glory and majesty of God and this chorus erupts spontaneously. I get goose-bumps just thinking about that. There have been many songs that seem to have "Heaven" written all over it, but this one moved my spirit to a new deeper level. As I worshiped to it, I got a glimpse of heaven and the thousands upon thousands worshiping the Lord for who He is, which is HOLY. He is completely "other." Nothing will ever compare to His beauty and splendor. If you need a little refresher, read Revelation chapter 4 again. Here we have those "creatures" circling the throne. Every time they catch a glimpse of the glorified King they cannot help but sing this chorus. It is a beautiful picture of what heaven will be like. We will be so enamored by the Lord that this chorus will be our only appropriate response. Falling on our faces because of the beauty of His holiness, adoring Him, praising Him, loving Him, worshiping Him, soaking in Him. Man! So good!!

So for that brief 10 minute section of worship I felt as if our voices were uniting with the voices of heaven to praise and ADORE the King of Kings. It was powerful. I was in awe. I wanted to stay in that place forever. I carried the song with me to work and worshiped with the angels there [good thing we weren't that busy!].

My prayer is for heaven to come to earth [like a sloppy wet kiss!]; for His glory to fill our temple [the church and our temporary bodies]. His River flowed this morning and we jumped in and swam. I pray that it doesn't stop. I want a continual flow of His River in our worship. Glorifying, praising and adoring Him prepares an open highway for His manifest presence to come. The amazing thing is that He WANTS to do it. It's in His heart. He longs for His people to experience and encounter His manifest presence; you know the one where miracles happen, where mourning is turned to dancing, where sorrow turns to joy, where people are set free!! Agghh, it is the cry of my heart. Lord, will You do this?! WE NEED YOU!!

I am loving Daniel Bashta's CD right now. He has a song called "Heaven" on there and the chorus exemplifies where my heart is right now...

Heaven fall down on me
Heaven fall down on me
Bring Your peace, bring Your joy
Let it rain, let it pour!!

Won't You come!?!

Grace and peace.


Anonymous said...

I definitely saw heaven & earth unite briefly was sweet and amazing! I was not ready for it to stop.

I did DB's Potter Wheel for First Friday last week and it was well received. He has so much passion in his singing that you know it is authentic worship. I picked up Leeland's older CD, and it is also a great disc.

BTW, our dog died while we were at church yesterday. I am glad church was so great, otherwise it would have been the worst birthday of my life.

Mari said...

Worship was awesome on that Sunday. I just wrote briefly about it yesterday, God did some amazing stuff in me. It was one of the "moments" that are hard to describe...thanks for reminding me how AWESOME it was.