Monday, January 15, 2007


Ok, here is where I ask for some help from the 0-1 readers I have out there. If you don't know that worship is the Kingdom calling on my life (read "Worship" below). But one of the most difficult thing for me to do is write worship songs. The hard part is coming up with words that haven't been used before, which is nearly impossible with people like Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, Charlie Hall out there writing incredible worship songs! I can come up with a chord progression and a melody fairly easily, but there is some song-writing block I have. At Passion 07 I went to a break-out session with Charlie Hall and Tim Hughes that was about worship leading and song-writing. Charlie said what he does is carry a little notepad with him and whenever he thinks of random phrases, he writes them down. You like how I just called him Charlie? Like we've been friends for many one point during Passion he was like 10 feet from me; Chris Tomlin at another time was only about 5 feet from me worshipping while Tim Hughes was big deal! Anyway, the point of this blog is for me to include some random phrases that I've written down thus far. This is where you fit're job is to email me back with lyrics to songs. Got it?! Good! These are in no particular order:

You steady my beating heart
That's beating for You
My heart beats for You
Dancing to the rhythm of Your heart
That's what I hear
My heart in rhythm with Your heart
Make our hearts collide

Gaze on You while You gaze on me
Gaze on me while You love me

I am Yours and You are mine
It's Your presence we are longing for
It's You we are hungry for
Just wanna be with You

You set me free to love You
Overwhelm me!

Bring Your love
Bring Your grace
Bring Your mercy in this place

Help is on the way
Hold on, help is on the way
Mighty He comes to save
A price was paid
A rescue was made

That's all I got so far...until later...

Grace and peace

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