Saturday, January 19, 2008

Day One of Recording

Welp, right now I am sitting in the sound booth of Studio A at Sony Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. As I type I'm listening to Elliott play acoustic guitar, Jason Laiche play percussion and Caroline Darnell sing on a song called Psalm 116. It is sounding really stinkin good. It has been a good, but somewhat humbling day. I have much more respect for the studio musicians that do this day in and day out. Playing to a click track takes some getting used to if you don't do it on a consistent basis. Anyway, we've been in the studio for one day and pretty much completed four songs. We have one more day tomorrow to iron things out and maybe add another song or too. Our very first song we actually completely changed things around (kick pattern, strumming, etc) and it turned into a very rockin, up-beat jam song.

I apologize for not have any pictures up. I forgot the cable to go from my camera to the computer, so those will have to be added later. Anyway, just wanted to check in and I will holla at yall later!

Grace and peace from Studio A at Sony Tree Studio in Nashville, Tennessee.


nysewanders said...

I didn't know you were recording!? What fun!!! I can't wait to hear the final goods:) I bet its fun hanging with laiche and playing music.

Annie said...

You did good in that fancy studio. Sorry we didn't get to talk, but I loved watching y'all. It was awesome. Can't wait to hear it done.

Boggsy said...

Nysewanders - We had an amazing time in the studio! Sometimes frustrating but all-in-all it was awesome. Plus, you're right, you can't beat playing and being around Laiche while playing music!

Annie - I am too sorry we didn't have the time to chat. Everything went well and the CD is almost complete!