Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This scares me... bits! I recently came across an article by Tara Leigh Cobble on Relevant Magazine's website. You've probably heard about Tara Leigh Cobble on Annie's blog, but she recently wrote an article for Relevant Magazine about a U2 concert she went to called, How to Dismantle an Idolized Bono.

It left me disappointed and a little baffled [though it was very well written...way to go Tara...I know why Annie encourages her writings so much]. For so long now I have associated Bono with Christianity even though I don't think he has publicly stated such. His songs have so much Biblical underpinnings in them that I just assumed. You know what happens when you assume? Well, I guess I've made an A out of me!

Click on the link above, read the article and let me know what you think...

Bono saying things that the antichrist would say?!?! It's hard for me to think that but after reading that article and looking at things in the Bible, it's possible. Crazy am I? [You have to read that in your best Yoda voice] Yes, but it does make you think. I will admit [and I've asked for forgiveness] that I have in a way idolized Bono because he has had some amazing, well-written "Christian" songs and the messages in the songs are sound.

Anyway, like I said, read it and let me know your thoughts.

Grace and peace.


Dan said...

Having never been a giant fan of U2 (I respect them as artists, but I've never really been into them), I can't say this comes as a terrible surprise. The pressure of being a "Christian" artist in a secular world will eventually have one of three results: 1) the artist turns his back on his religion and embraces the world, 2)the artist stands by his convictions, with the usual result that his world-standing plummets into oblivion, or 3) the artist tries to play both sides of the fence as much as possible, until he's very much confused about what he really believes (along with everyone else). At least U2 have never claimed to be an exclusively "Christian" band; thus, in a sense, this isn't really as terrible a betrayal as it would be otherwise.

Katie Blackwood said...

Boggsy! It is good to hear from you!