Friday, April 25, 2008

What I'm listening to

I get questions a lot about what's new and good on the worship music scene. So here is what I'm into lately.

Daniel Bashta - My Worship Motion : Excellent stuff. You should definitely check him out. You can actually download his CD on his website for free, which is super cool.

Leland - Opposite Way : Amazing CD. A must have! They are all super talented and he is an incredible song writer

David Crowder Band - Remedy : He continues is creativity on this CD. I love their style. Download any and all of their CDs and you will be pleased, trust me.

Jesus Culture - We Cry Out : 2 words, freagin awesome!

Jason Morant - I have 2 of his CDs, Abandon and Open, and I love them both. The styles of both CDs are different, but both equally as good.

Passion - God of this City : Most of the songs are good, but you can get them on other CDs. My favorite is the song God of this City. Powerful! I recently posted about how the song came to be. Incredible!

Phil Wickham - Cannons : Amazing voice, sweet guitar player, and come on...he stinkin sports a mustache!

Hillsong - Any of their CDs! Get them all!! Enough said...

Kari Jobe - Kari Jobe : She leads worship with Rick Pino out in Texas. I don't know of a better voice than hers!

Anyway, these are some of the worship CDs I'm listening to lately. What are you all listening to? Leave me some comments on artists out there I need to get. It doesn't have to be worship but I always enjoying finding out new worship CDs to add to my collection.

Grace and peace.


Anonymous said...

Definitely not worship, but the new Black Crowes album is awesome.

I have also rediscovered Oasis in the past couple of months.

Good stuff.

Annie said...

I'm listening to Evan Wickham right now and loving it. Also Jon Foreman.

(I was going to write "I'm all over Evan Wickham" then "I"m really feelin' Evan Wickham", but both of those have a meaning that I do not mean. So I didn't. But then I did. So.... oh well.)

ManUtd17 said...

I'm enjoying Iron and Wine's The Shepherd's Dog. If you've seen Garden State, then you've heard at least one of their earlier tunes.

I enjoy the Gallgher brothers too though.

Head's up -- I understand that tomorrow, Coldplay is making 1 of the songs from their upcoming CD available on their website for a free download.

Anonymous said...

Well you pretty much stole my playlist...but I have also been diggin some Caedmon's - Share the Well and Overdressed.

I thoroughly enjoy worshiping to Kim Walker's solo disc.

Shane & Shane - Pages - I seriously enjoy Vision of You.

The Leeland album is great - a big thanks to STK for spotlighting it.

Harrison... said...

check out athlete if you have not already, they are pretty awesome...
i have also been pulling out the andy davis stuff again...

Ji said...

ice LIST!!!! oops. i mean - NICE LIST!! the "n" got left off, and i thought it looked funny and therefore left it.

we(hillsong, that is, not we as in me) have done a few Jesus Culture songs.

have you heard of michael gungor?
he is coming to conference in a few weeks. there is a song of his called glory is here or something like that. it's the last line of the chorus, so i'm calling it that. HA!

anyway, i never heard of him until recently, but hey, if he's coming here, and we are doing a few of his tunes here, he must be ALL RIGHT!!

leeland is coming, too.

right on!

oh and nice pic at the top. did you get that off my facebook? if so, then i took that off of one of my friends. if not, then wherever you got it from... got it from my friend.