Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Must Read, Trust Me

In today’s world, especially in the Western world, a massive strategy of the enemy that keeps us in torment, in sickness and affliction is the mirror we look in. We come into agreement with the lies of the enemy in front of the mirrors in our bedroom and our bathrooms. We build altars to devils and come into agreement with the evil one.

You see, the enemy hates us because we are made in the likeness of God. There is no other creature that Jesus Christ joined Himself to forever. There is no other creature in heaven or on earth that is like you.

A 1/3 of the angels rebelled against God and He did nothing. However, 100% of humanity rebelled and God said, “No! Not my prized creation!” Not the ones He fearfully and wonderfully made. “No! I’m going after them!” He joined Himself to us in a human body forever, Beloved. In Isaiah 53 it says that Jesus had no beauty at all, that nothing about Him would catch our eye. He was just like us. The enemy hates our physical frame.

Most people believe God wants to save your soul but very few of us believe He loves your body. We begin to hate and despise ourselves by saying; “I hate this or that about my body.” This is too big or that is too small, or I wish I didn’t have this quality or that quality. In James 3 it says that with the same mouth we praise God we curse ourselves and we judge ourselves. By doing so, we build altars to the devil and allow him entry to torment and to inflict sickness. The Lord does NOT want us to open ground for the enemy to bring depression, anger, self-hatred, cutting, starving ourselves, throwing up, sickness, etc.

A majority of people, especially Believers, lives with the torment of what our future spouse is going to think about our body. For those of you who are married, you live in torment about what you think your spouse thinks about your body. If your spouse thinks anything different than what the King of the Universe thinks, then they are idiots! Your spouse is going to love you one day!

In Isaiah 62 verses 6-7, the Lord is releasing night and day prayer. However, prior to that, He releases a voice and a declaration over His people; He declares over us a NEW NAME:

- HephzibahThe Lord delights in you. This includes your soul and your body. BUT, with your mouth you curse yourself who is made in HIS likeness

- BeulahHe’s married to you. You are fit to be married to the King of kings, the King of the Universe, but you are wondering what your spouse thinks or will think about you.

Beloved, you were made to be filled with His glory and not any foul thoughts. If we are to live in freedom, we must tear down the altars in our bedrooms and bathrooms. You must never worship another demon at a toilet again by throwing up!! Do not build an altar there. You must never come into agreement with a demonic thought again, but instead come into agreement with what the Lord thinks about you. You are beautiful, you are fit for a King, you are Hephzibah and you are Beulah!

I imagine some of you have sickness or infirmity in your body because of this issue. When you get set free from self-hatred, your body will be healed. When you come into agreement that you are lovely to Him, physical healing will occur.

God did not join Himself to angels, but to you. You are the aristocracy of the Kingdom to come Beloved! You will reign with Christ forever. You are co-heirs with Him, and you are co-heirs with Him in your body and your spirit. Do you realize what is to come? You are destined for resurrected bodies!

The enemy hates your body, no matter the body type. Some want to look like the skinny supermodels, but you know what, they are probably some of the most tormented people out there. He hates your body. Why do you think FOUL spirits want to come and possess or oppress a human body? He doesn’t care if you are skinny, overweight, have a big this or small that! The enemy hates you.

Now I do not have kids, but just imagine a father’s heart and thoughts when his son or daughter says they hate something about themselves. An earthly father’s heart is broken when they hear these words because he took part in making them. Imagine the Heavenly Father’s, the One who knitted you together in your mother’s womb, sorrow when His son or daughter looks in the mirror in self-hatred.

An earthly father cannot get into his children’s heads, but God can. He can get into your head and He will speak Hephzibah and Beulah over you, and you will stop listening to the demonic thoughts inside your head.

Today He is raising up a worship and prayer movement. We will worship Him in purity, not worrying about what the guy or girl next to us thinks about our bodies. We will worship Him in the truth of who we are to Him.

Beloved, tear down the altars and hear the voice of the Father and Son in your head. Tear down those idols; burn those mirrors (not literally unless you want to!)! You may want to write "Hephzibah" and "Beulah" on your mirrors to remind you of how the Lord feels about you. You are lovely just the way you are. He has your future, trust Him and trust His leadership. Do not worry about what your spouse thinks or will think. He delights in you; you are beautiful to Him. Oh if you only knew what He thought!! You are Hephzibah! You are Beulah! You are fit for a King and He is going to join Himself to you forever!

Grace and peace.

*Reference: Allen Hood

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