Saturday, February 10, 2007

So Thankful

So here I am, sitting at my parents' computer and I begin to lucky I am to have my parents! They are such a huge blessing and they love me with an unconditional love. They have continued to stand behind me, through the good and bad, always willing to lend a listening ear or give the timely word of advice. My mom, she is the epitomy of strength. She has had to endure so much; anything ranging from 2 of her 3 sons being born with problems, to her dad and brother dying of cancer and one being recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Through it all though, I can truly see where God has been her strength and comfort. She is definitely a woman of noble character. My dad, he is one of my best friends. He has a great sense of humor and the man is wise. No doubt he will be my best man whenever I get married. Probably one of the best moments of my life was the day I found out I got into veterinary school. Of course it was a great accomplishment being accepted, but what I will forever remember from that day is after I called my dad to tell him the good news he said, "Son, I am so proud of you." There is nothing better than hearing those words; it just does something deep down in your spirit and soul. So I have been blessed. My parents have indeed raised me up and instructed me in the way I should go (Proverbs). They have been so loving and encouraging, and have been tremendous role models for me.

Anyway, both pictures above were taken back in 2004 at Christmas. From left to right: my dad, me, my younger brother Steven, my mom and my older brother Andy. The next picture is our annual "crazy" picture. As you can see, I felt the need to show my rear!

Man I love these guys.

Grace and peace.


nysewanders said...

I've never seen pics of your parents! You have a lovely fam:) I heart your blog.

Boggsy said...

Thanks! I love them...plain and simple. I heart yours too (?)!