Saturday, February 23, 2008

If I had a narrator

This is going to be a completely random, but hopefully fun post. I was watching T.V. this evening and a few of those GEICO commercials came on. You know the ones where Sally Smith isn't a "real actress" but they hired a "real actress/actor" to speak on her behalf. You have the likes of Peter Frampton, Michael Winslow, Joan Rivers, etc speaking about their accidents for them. It kind of reminds me of the Will Ferrell movie, Stranger than Fiction, where he can hear the narrator comment on his daily activities (I really like that movie by the way and I say it is a must see).

So my question to you is, if you could pick one actor or actress (or I guess anyone for that matter) to be the narrator of your life, who would it be?

For me I would pick Johnny Depp. I know that is kind of random and he has had his struggles in his past, but hey, haven't we all. I imagine he could tell one heck of a story and he would definitely provide a comedic unction to my story as he reads it. Laughing is a must. I find myself laughing at myself a lot...even when I'm alone!

Anyway, my selection was made pretty quickly. But I'm sure if I had more than a few minutes to think about it I could think of someone a little more meaningful (?) to my life. Which means, I expect a lot from you guys.

So, post a comment on who you would have as a narrator and say why.

Ok? Ready, go.

Grace and peace.


Harrison... said...

I think it would be kool to have Dr. Seuss narrate my life. He would make my life sound awesome.
If not I think it would be sweet to have Enya sing the narration of my life... I have a feeling she would be able to make it very Epic sounding...

ManUtd17 said...

I'll go with John Cusack. Most of his characters have one thing in common: their minds race with thoughts but they tend to not let that show.

He also mumbles, and Jen thinks I mumble.

Chip said...

I'll choose Sean Connery. Nothing really in common ... just a great voice. If I had to go more realistic, perhaps Matthew Perry.

Katie B said...

I would want someone with a cool accent...
like the Croc Hunter. {RIP}

That would be way cool.

Especially when I was doing something normal and mundane and he went all crazy in his excited voice about me like... brushing my teeth.

What an awesome way to start your morning!

carolineb said...

Julie Andrews in her Mary Poppins voice. Hands down.