Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I hate them. I literally hate them. I have one right now and I'm not enjoying it a one bit. Head pounding, nausea, neck aches and the light sensitivity. Even now I'm closing my eyes due to the lgare of the comuter scren soi f mak any smelling misakes, please forgiv me! Migraines completely wipe me out.

But the Debbie Downer for me is that I think my brain is training future migraines to be resistant to whatever forces I come against them with. You see, if you take away the hard core prescription drugs, I have found over the years that the only thing that works for me is if I turn off every light in my house, lay down, place a pillow over my head being careful not to suffocate myself, and fall asleep [or at least try to]. Most of the time the headache is gone when I wake up. So if you really think about it, I didn't really 'beat' the migraine. I just laid aside unconscious while it did it's thing.

There are a lot of different "remedies" out there that my headaches laugh at. For example, Excedrin "Migraine". **Insert pre-emptive apology here for non-funny reference** When my headache gets "this big", it doesn't scream for Excedrin...it mocks it and taunts it, and calls it little girly names like Sally or Nancy. [Again, sorry for the obscure 1980's and 90's T.V. commercial reference...I'm so stupid!]. Sometimes I think the Excedrin Migraine actually feeds the migraine...

Caffeine. Yeah right! I've downed a few Cokes this evening and nope...the ole brain still feels like a pinata.

And the herbal wackos have their supposed miracle remedy too! Have y'all ever heard of Feverfew? This is some herbal medicine that people claim will completely stop the progression of a migraine if you take it as soon as you feel one coming on. Can someone say 'gullible.'? Cause I am. I spend the $10 or so for a bottle of Feverfew, thinking that I had found a hidden treasure, but was only left with disappointment as the lights from across the street [in somebody else's house I might add] made me want to vomit.

Am I missing anything? Does anyone have any home remedies that works for them?

I'm up for trying anything.

Anyway, blye...oops sorry...had my eyes closed again...Bye for now, my dark room and pillow await!

Grace and peace.


steve and randel hambrick said...

you said you've tried the hard core prescription drugs.. does that include imitrex? once upon a time i sold that drug, and people swear by it. the injection works the quickest, but there is a pill and a nasal spray as well. there are lots of other competitors that work nicely too. hope your migraine is gone now...

Boggsy said...

Randel -
I have tried Imitrex and it worked...knocked me out, but it worked! I haven't gotten the injection but I heard good things about that too. I used to get Imitrex through my mom's doctor but don't have a prescription of my own unfortunately.