Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tagged (last and probably least)

So Brad kind of tagged me today. I think he actually tagged Matt, but then said if Matt doesn't, then I'm up? I dunno...

1) I was born in Panama City, FL, which is neither full of white trash nor creepy, drunk high school kids

2) I've had a grand total of 10 surgeries in my life. One of those is when I took a ground ball right between my eyes which broke my nose (and knocked me out).

3) We moved around a lot growing up. The longest place I ever lived at was Athens, GA for undergrad and vet school.

4) Building on that, in my 4 years of being a vet I have killed (most of them purposefully) over 100 animals...but have saved at least 10 times that. Holla!! Booyah!

5) In my 3rd year of vet school our flag football team won the UGA championship (I was quarterback, no big deal)

6) I used to be able to make...umm...noises...umm...come out of a certain area on command. Me and two other guys would do this for entertainment but they were so much better than me (Kyle and Candler were the kings of "breathing")

7) I used to hate musical instruments when I was a little kid. Now I want to learn any and all of them.

8) I eat a lot of frozen dinners (insert Debbie Downer noise here). I'm eating one right now. Chicken, rice and broccoli = Yum (but definitely not as good as some fantastic shrimp and grits that I've had recently!)

9) I love the beach! The sound of waves hitting the shore is so peaceful. The ocean reminds me of God everytime I'm there.

10) I believe the worship of God will win the day where healings, miracles and true encounters with God are the norm!

Welp, is there anybody left? How about Duane or Sean Kirkland or even the Mann's?

11) I end every post with "Grace and peace" because that's what I want everyone to fully know and experience!

So as promised...

Grace and peace.


ManUtd17 said...

I too am a fan of frozen dinners. The new line of Kashi meals are very good. And seem heartier than most.

Annie said...

I wish I didn't know that about Kyle and Candler. But I had already guessed.

brad said...

I, too, have killed well over 100 animals. Since breakfast.

Boggsy said...

One word...amazing!