Monday, February 4, 2008

The River

Greetings! Ok, so I am not really big on reading books, but I have a must-read for those of you involved with worship, which means that everyone should read this book because we were ALL created to worship! But this book is especially for those who lead worship, play in a worship band, or have a interest in learning about where the Lord is taking worship on a corporate, congregational level. The book is called "Following the River," by Bob Sorge. Mr. Sorge is a worship leader and is involved with the International House of Prayer out in Kansas City. He has written many books and even though I have only read about 3 or 4 of them, I can say that they are all very well written and incredibly challenging. But the one that has really stirred my heart lately is "Following the River." Trust me, it will leave you hungry and desiring after the River of God, not only during your worship services, but in your daily lives! He encourages worship leaders to step out of the box of merely running through a well-rehearsed "song service," and he gives a prophetic insight to what our church services will be like if we totally render ourselves to the Holy Spirit. If we do so, we will go past the ankle and knee deep waters of the River, and we will experience swimming-depth waters in worship!

If this hits home with you, you can go to Bob Sorge's website and order a copy for yourself or for your entire worship team. It is well worth it!!

I've read it twice now and I'm planning on reading it once a month...that's how good it is! I'm even going to start a blog series on some of the topics Mr. Sorge covers. So stay tuned...

Also, a singer/songwriter named Tara Leigh Cobble has a new book out called, "Crowded Skies: Letters to Manhattan" that I hear is really good. I haven't personally read it but I hear it is a wonderful book. You can check out on Annie's blog to learn more about Ms. Cobble and her book. In fact, you can even post a comment and register to win a FREE copy of her new book. How freagin' awesome is that?! So go do it...NOW!

Grace and peace.

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